‘Mantra Waterfall’ Poem Published

I’d written a poem about a Rudra puja done by Art of Living priests, and brought it for critique to The Poetry Salon. Cameron Morse had given feedback on it, and I reworked it. I opened with a mantra, as he pointed out he’d like to see one. I concurred with him, realising mantras might be Greek to a foreign audience.

I still thought it wasn’t quite there yet, so when I saw Zoetic Press was offering 5 free critique spots to BIPOC writers monthly, I applied. Mantra Waterfall was selected! Prerana Kumar gave very useful feedback. The poem became more unified and stronger as a result.

I learnt a lot about editing from her, and still apply those principles – such as, stick to one metaphor rather than three. Or about punctuation – either punctuate all the way through, or don’t punctuate. She suggested I submit my poem to Zoetic Press, and they accepted it.

Mantra Waterfall is part of Zoetic Press’s Heathentide Orphans, available on Amazon.

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