The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel & Women Comedians

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel(TMMM) – the name itself attracted me while I was surfing Amazon Prime. I’m a Mrs. too. And I love alliteration. Seemed like a light hearted, chick soap. And so it was.

Midge is a housewife who tries to support her husband Joel’s bad attempts at stand up comedy.


When he tells her he is having an affair and walks out, she ends up on stage telling the audience about her life. And it’s funny. It shouldn’t be, because it’s her life, but it’s funny.

No wonder the serial won big at the Golden Globes this year- Best Comedy and Best Actress. Rachel Brosahan has played Midge to perfection. A period drama set in the 50s, Jewish humor and strong women characters make a unique cocktail.

Nichols and May

The serial references women comedians in the 50s like Nichols and May, which inspired me to go looking for them on YouTube. Here’s a funny clip. Mothers. “X-ray my nerves.” Lol.

I found this great article on Vulture which talks about other women comedians of the time, who Mrs. Maisel is based on.

Phyllis Diller

“It helps a stand-up to have something wrong. The reason I developed things like wearing a bag dress was because I had such a great figure. I had to dress so that they couldn’t see any figure because I wanted to make jokes.”

Midge meets a comic who does something similar. Destroying preconceptions is so necessary when you’re doing something different.

Here’s a sample via the Washington Post. “Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing.”

Joan Rivers

“I was talking about my mother, desperate to get my sister and me married. It sounds so tame and silly now but my act spoke to some who weren’t able to talk about things.”

I think that’s also why TMMM resonated with me so much. Here’s a review of stand up comedian Radhika Vaz‘s live show that I attended.






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