Mary Lyon

I helped run the family farm as a child

That inspired me to help girls like me

Get an education.

I traveled alone cross country

Collecting donations for my school

Though others called this unladylike

Famous women

When I opened my school

My students had to walk a mile

After breakfast

45 minutes in winter.

To save my students tuition money

We lived together as a family

I got my students to do housework

Emily Dickinson had to clean knives.

“Miss Lyon and other teachers

Seem to consult our comfort and happiness

In all they do,” said Emily.

My students had to do seven courses

In math and science to graduate

Unlike any other seminary.

They also did lab experiments

Field trips too.

“Go where no one else will go

Do what no one else will do.”

Here’s the previous poem in my Famous Women series.

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