Quixotic Mademoiselle La Maupin- Famous Women (Poem)

My father trained court pages

I learnt dancing, reading, drawing, fencing

With them

Dressed like them too

Beat them all at fencing

When I was fourteen

I became the Count d’Armaganac’s mistress

He married me to Sieur de Maupin

My husband was in the south of France

I was with the count in Paris

My love was fencing master Serannes

We ran away to Marseille

We got by with fencing exhibitions

Singing in taverns

I dressed as a man

But it was clear I was a woman

In Marseille I joined an opera company

When I wearied of my lover

A young woman took my fancy

Her parents put her in a convent

I followed her there

Stole the body of a dead nun

Put it in my lover’s bed

Set the room on fire

So that we could escape undetected.

We lasted three months

I was charged

As a man

With kidnapping, body snatching, arson

To escape death by fire

I left for Paris

Dressed as a man, naturally.

On my way there

A young nobleman insulted me

We fought a duel

I drove my blade through his shoulder

Like a good duellist

I asked about his health on the morrow

I learnt he was a duke’s son

He sent a friend to apologize

We became lovers

Then better still, lifelong friends.

I continued to Paris

Paused to pick up a new love

A fellow opera singer

What’s the point of friends in high places

If they can’t help you

I asked the Count to help

Remove the charge on my head

He got the King to pardon me

So that I could sing with the opera.

The audience loved my voice, acting, man dress

I doffed my helmet at my debut

Letting my long blond hair down

The audience clapped even harder

Offstage, I beat a singer who dared eve tease

The women in our troupe

I went as a man to a court ball

Kissed a woman three noblemen were courting

They all challenged me to fight

I defeated all three in fencing duels

Since duelling was illegal

I was on the run again

In Brussels, doing a suicide scene

I stabbed myself with a dagger


I was the Elector of Bavaria’s mistress

He was not man enough for me

Offered me 40,000 francs to leave

I did

But I left the money too.

Back to Paris for another pardon

I bit my lover Thevenard’s ear in a fight

Namby pamby soprano roles didn’t suit me

A contralto, I was best as a

Goddess or a strong woman who fought.

Fell in love with a soprano though

Tried to commit suicide when she cold shouldered me

Lived for two years with one of France’s greatest beauties

When fever took her, my heart broke

I retired from the stage.

“I was made for perils as well as for


Here’s the previous poem in my Famous Women series.

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