We drank in the hills
Savoured the green
Sipped yellow sunshine
Until our souls belched
Aahs of contentment.

Frozen waves of mountains
Stood silent.
Dark clouds circled
The cotton light.

We sleep when the world is
Woken up
Dark lightens in blue
Then froths in green white

As if we are in the ocean
Watching it arise, awake.

Peaks peek a booed sun
One by one
Like when we drew in school
The sun amid mountains.

Butter slicing across skies
Sun’s rays like we sketched
Like a diamond ring in the sky
Lighting, blinding us

We shy away from the sun
The mountains stay put.

It was just us and
The peaks powdered with snow
meadows stretched below us
Silence around, bas
Goats, baaing sheep
Tortured horses
Locked eyes with the peaks
Golden streaks.

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