OctPoWriMo- Day 9- Love

There are some loves society loves

And others it loves to hate

Marital, motherly


Lesbian, other worldly

Love feels different from what we think

Sneaks up on us

Wraps us in a warm fuzzy shawl

Protects us from ourselves.

Hearts alone do not love

Our entire bodies do

From the miles we walk for loves

To the food we produce.

No, I don’t love you all the time

When you mirror me, yes

When you surprise me with your you-ness, yes

Adding all that

‘Tis more than all time.

Love can burn out

Rekindle itself

When a spark of something new

Is added to an old fire.

Love yourself.

Your mind may fight your heart

Tell you now you aren’t worth it

Do yourself up

So it falls in love with you again.

We have many loves

Which sometimes collide

In the bumping cards ride of life.

Poetry has always helped me cohere my thoughts, and this one is no different. Love is an old theme, but we experience it anew everyday, as we change, as our identities morph. From the love we have for our parents, to friends, to spouses, to being parents in turn ourselves, thus completing the cycle- love changes us.

A four letter word that society constructs, we imbibe it through media, which sometimes distorts our understanding of it. Only when we experience it ourselves do we know it, and by then it is sometimes too late.

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