Older, Angrier, Hairer- Radhika Vaz is Funnier

When I tweeted to Radhika that I couldn’t wait to attend her show, she replied, “Me too. It’s like losing my virginity again.”

Although initially I was taken aback, I laughed later. Waiting is always going to remind me of this now.

Her show segued seamlessly from anger about hair and age to us women’s obsession with being ladylike- cleaning floors to cleaning the evidence that even we take dumps.

Why do they say women need to do what men do to be successful? Radhika unashamedly made fun of womanly preoccupations- “Housework is the pinnacle of unskilled labour”- Amen to that!

For ladies without babies, she reminded us of what brats kids can be. “Those kids (her friend’s, who put up a clumsy dance) were looking longingly at me for appreciation.”

And how to deal with nosy people who want to know why you don’t have kids? “We’re trying.”
“Hooray, they’re trying!” I can’t reproduce the tone- you just had to be there.

Women can’t have it all. We should just settle for 63%. True that.

She reminded me of college classes on hegemony. We women take so many things for granted, we are the ones pressure ourselves the maximum sometimes, I feel.

So many truths came out in the show, it reminded me of the function of comedy- to mock, for a purpose. Like the fool in Shakespeare, who could say many true things just because no one took him seriously.

I wish self help books were bottled like this. They’d be much easier to swallow. Looking forward to her book coming out next year!

I’m not going to take myself so seriously now. Seriously.

“We’re pals,” she told the husband when she discovered I was nuttynupur from Twitter.

I’m going to try and live up to that.

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