One on One 2- Stand up comedy play review

The first act, I’m every woman, was funny but scarily true- about a woman struggling with kids.

The second was performed very well, with a desi American drawl- a Gujju bhai who wants to take over the US with theplas.

The third, surprisingly, was a bit of a let down. Written by Anuvab Pal, this act about a real estate guy moaning about didn’t quite click.

The fourth, also we had great expectations, but Rajit Kapur didn’t quite deliver. a tirade against the system, about a funeral, this act was black comedy but hackneyed.

The ticket collector act was the best. Acted superbly and with a heart rending yet rib tickling story, it made me want to take a train ride immediately. Being in Hindi, it packed an extra punch.

After the interval, the acts were not so good. There was an Urdu act about soldiers at the border, but it was not very funny. The poetry saved it, though.

DJ Elvis was so so.

The marriage one hit home, but again, was not novel enough.

The Bollywood one was not bad. Seems like more hapless the performer, the more fun we have 🙂
The acts could have been woven better together. Some swear words were common, so they seemed repetitive. It was a bit Bombaiya and juvenile too in parts. Still, an entertaining evening.

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