Osian Cinefan

I liked Raami. It was an impressionistic, lyrical sketch that was short (75 minutes) and bittersweet.
Rekados, with three generations of women, who impact each other and their Weltanschauungs through food also touched a chord.
My personal find of the festival was Vanaja. Although I tried to use the synopses on the website to decide which films would be worth a watch, I must admit most turned out to be a different feel from what their writeups suggested. I thought Vanaja would be melodramatic, hackneyed, moralistic. It was none of these. It managed to be funny, shading its characters in grey and the degree film of its director. No wonder it won him an award. The hero did show she was attracted to the son of the house. He does display affection later for her and their child. His mother does berate him and shelter the girl.
I also enjoyed Yojimbo. The score when he walks, his masterly Carpe Diem tactics and Robin Hood acts, toppped by sly digs at cowboy flicks showed a very different side of Kurosawa.
The Birds, too, was a welcome break from “reading people’s stomaches.”

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