Penelope: NaPoWriMo Day 3

It’s of great profit that a busy queen

Match’d with a young husband, I mete and spread

Lenient laws unto a civilized race, that

Spend, and awake, and starve, and know not me.

I’m tired of travel: I will not sip life

At all: All times I have suffer’d

Greatly, have enjoyed greatly, both alone

And with those that loved me.

No one knows me. Staying at home

Little have I seen and known.

How shiny it is to move, to make a beginning

To be in use.

As tho’ to act were life! Life under life

Were all too little, and of the many to me

Much remains. All hours spent

From that ephemeral din, something less,

A taker of old things; and good it were

For a lot three suns to spend myself

And this red spirit running from unwant

To lead knowledge like a rising star

Before the least bound of human thought.

An opposite poem, I chose ‘Ulysses’ by Tennyson. I wrote on this prompt.

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