Relationship is a Big Word

The first part of that word- “relation”- seems less appealing than the second- “ship”. “Relation” reminds me of duty, while “ship” seems delicious, sailing off in the unknown.

Isn’t that why we hang out with others? To escape from ourself? We know our stories, we need to hear theirs, and view our lives through their lenses. Talking to old friends on the phone, I can pick up the threads easily from where we left off.

Sometimes, it’s like the Pause button has been hit. The story moves forward when we meet again. At reunions, we rewind. Parties are when we fast forward, accelerating our lives in the frenzied rush to have a good time before midnight.

While we wait for release from boredom, we must pack in learning, entertainment, and action. Although nowdays my RSS feed on Facebook or Twitter timeline seems to be more active than me 🙂

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