Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Judge- Famous Women (Poem)

I’m the Notorious RBG

Fought gender discrimination suits

Aiming at one biased statute at a time

Building on each victory

So that I’d win them all

I defended men too sometimes

Just to show

Gender discrimination

Cuts both ways

Legislators don’t make

Gender biased laws

Any more

Famous Women

When I wear my dissent jabot

People quake in their shoes

Dissenters hope today’s dissent

Majority view tomorrow

I’ve dissented on abortion

Equal opportunity

I’m the only serving female justice

Queen of the US Supreme Court

Age 86

“When will there be enough female

Supreme Court justices?”

“When they’re nine,” I said.

The maximum possible.

“Women belong in all places

Where decisions are made.”

We need to do pushups

To push


Here’s the previous poem in my Famous Women series.

Read more about Ruth Bader Ginsburg here.

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