Selfhelp Book PDF Review: Put Your Best Foot Forward

Dr. Darshana Sarmah’s selfhelp book PDF is packed with quotes and advice from someone who has fought in the trenches of her mind with depression. In 65 pages, you’ll learn why attitude makes a difference, the importance of meditation and more.

Being a good listener, having compassion, living a healthy life all contribute to increasing happiness. Forgiveness is important for our own mental health. Counting our blessings is another must.

Having good habits goes a long way towards peace of mind. Keeping track of your thoughts via journaling will help you stay on course. Channeling stress to work for you is another important topic Darshana covers.

Another vital area Darshana talks about is self-acceptance. Too often we let our inner critic get the better of us. Being optimistic, avoiding procrastination and working towards self-actualization will make us feel more fulfilled.

In case you have social anxiety, there’s a chapter for you in this selfhelp book PDF. Time management is important as our lives get busier. Spirituality, visualization and strong willpower are all ways we can get closer to achieving our dreams.

Don’t let your insecurities get the better of you. Happiness is a choice we have to make, says Darshana, very rightly. Zen Buddhism helped her pull herself out a mental health trough.

You get quotes from many greats in one place, saving you time and energy. There are tips on how to meditate. You’ll learn the difference between mindfulness and meditation. There is repetition as the topics are interrelated. Such books can be read again and again, because it’s tough to practise these things.

There are tips on listening well. Training the mind is important to control it, and that’s what Darshana shows you, throughout this selfhelp book PDF. She outlines simple steps to make your life healthier.

Being more aware of your bodily sensations as you experience negativity will help you conquer your emotions. There are various ways in which you can substitute healthy habits for bad ones, like counting your blessings.

Darshana includes studies and scientific explanations about topics like habits, which help us understand them better. With her step by step approach, it is now easy for you to start the journey towards wellness.

Again, there are tips on stress management and the importance of body language. You’ll learn how to improve your body language by having a relaxed posture, etc.

The chapter on the subconscious is interesting, as Darshanah explains how to use visualization to harness your subconscious for a better you.

The one on optimism starts with a beautiful quote- When it rains look for rainbows when it’s dark look for stars.

There are also chapters on today’s malaises- procrastination and restlessness. The chapters on time management and well being will help you build good habits.

More personal anecdotes would have made the book less generic. There’s also some repetition as the topics overlap. Still, this selfhelp book PDF is worth a read. Download it here. Here’s another mental health book review.

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