SEO for Beginners- Book Review: SEO for Blog Traffic

The subtitle is beguiling- “Yes! Organic traffic on autopilot is a reality!”. This book by Puspanjalee Das Dutta does make it seem possible. I got stuck with keyword research because Google’s tool in AdWords is now paid, but Puspanjalee suggests other free tools for SEO for beginners.

SEO for Beginners: Before Writing Your Blog Post

I just tried out one of the tools she recommends, Keywords Everywhere, and it’s great! I’m choosing the long tail keyword for this post using this tool. Yes, Puspanjalee emphasizes on long tail keywords. SEO can be a technical and dense topic but she makes it reader friendly.

Puspanjalee talks about topic modeling, which is drilling down a popular topic to a niche that you can write on. I like to write on many subjects, so I was resisting going for a niche blog and I was also unable to figure out how to make my blog a niche one. This strategy will help me revise old posts to make my blog more focused.

SEO for Beginners
SEO for beginners

Puspanjalee also gives benchmarks for keywords’ monthly search volume, which is again something that has always foxed me. She explains in a very lucid manner that we should think from the point of view of the person searching when we are writing. Very true. Too often we write for ourselves. A few tweaks to our posts can broaden our audience greatly.

While Writing Your Blog Post

I also enjoyed her on page SEO tips on writing a title and meta description. She also gives useful pointers on writing longer posts, something which I struggle with.

There are tips on where and how often to include keywords, image optimisation, site speed.

After Writing Your Blog Post

Puspanjalee also suggests off page SEO tactics like building backlinks via guest blogging, internal links and comments on other blogs, among others.

She also talks about why and how we should do social media SEO.

Puspanjalee also has a technical section on how to add google analytics to your blog. My webmaster did it for me but it disappeared in the middle so it’s heartening to know that I can do it myself if need be.

She also shares what to look out for when running google analytics reports, which is another area I had limited knowledge about. Knowing which keywords led people to our blog is sure to help us refine our content strategy.

Puspanjalee discusses the Yoast plugin in detail. I use it and it does prod me to better optimise my posts for SEO than I would have otherwise done.

She also shares seminal blogs, YouTube channels and podcasts if you want to know more about SEO. There’s also a helpful glossary of terms used for beginners. Here’s another book review on digital marketing for businesses.

This is a practical book that you’ll want to refer to again and again. It’s sure to help your blog rank better. SEO for beginners is such a subject that it will need constant updating, with every new release of Google. It’s important that we keep tabs on what’s happening and quickly respond to changes, so that our blog’s ranking is not affected negatively. Read SEO for Blog Traffic for free here. Puspanjalee blogs here.

This review has been written as part of the Blogchatter Book Review Program.

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