Short but Avoids Sweets

I’m short. Sadly, that means I have less place to distribute my body weight. I didn’t have too many sweet things around the house, so I was fit as a kid and in college. Oh, what I would give to have the metabolism of my youth back! Anyway…

In b-school, I wanted to lose 3 kilos. Had an overweight friend who wanted to lose a lot more. We were free in second year, classes were light, so we went for it. He of course did it much more intensively- faddy things like lemon tea for lunch and what not.


We’d jog together in the mornings at the Delhi University stadium, before class. Sure enough, his weight melted away and so did mine.

I went to the gym the first time a year after I started working. That got me results too.

I dieted for the first time, before marriage. Went for aerobics in the morning and gym in the evening in the last month before the big day. I did lose weight. Sadly, the camera adds a couple of kilos to you!

Have been piling the pounds on after marriage. Gone on sporadic diets, lost some weight and now am on a plateau. Used fitness apps, abandoned them and am now using a fitness tracker.

My goal is the same as the one I had 6 months ago- to lose 10 kilos.


I’m going to the gym. I’ve amped up my running on the treadmill as I bought a new dress and want to look slimmer in it!

My trainer has asked me to start my day with warm lemon water, but I often don’t have time to do that.

My meals are pretty fixed in terms of my portions. I’m careful to keep my snacks so that I don’t get tempted to eat the free snacks at work, which are often unhealthy.

Need to work on my weekend eating- going out or tempting stuff at home are my Nemeses.


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