Short Stories Book Review: Wheels of Time by GS Nidhi

The 12 short stories in this collection are quite short, so it’s a light read at 68 pages. I liked Nidhi’s About the Author page, where she refers to her readers as mirrors. Readers can indeed give a frank idea of whether the author has been able to convey what was in her mind. Read on for the complete short stories book review.

The first story, ‘Zest of Life,’ establishes the scene well by showing a normal setting of a woman getting ready for work, hurtling towards the lift like a ‘space shuttle.’ The short story’s characteristic twist soon enters.

The next story, ‘Blind Girl,’ is on a similar theme. A blind girl helps the protagonist see. The stories revolve around death and hope.

The third story, ‘Solving Life’s Puzzle,’ has a romantic touch. The hero sounds quite dishy! Flowers too are a recurring theme.

The fourth story, ‘Be So Happy’ encapsulates the wisdom of the old in a story form, so it’s less preachy than reading a self-help article. The old man here could give Sherlock Holmes a run for his money. I liked this rhyming phrase- “Attitude of Gratitude.” It has some enigma in it, giving a touch of magic realism.

The fifth story, ‘Insane Angel,’ is quite interesting. It questions our notions of normalcy. However, I found it hard to believe someone who seems so normal could end up in an asylum.

The sixth story, ‘A Promise,’ is powerful. I didn’t see this twist coming and it has a great message too- on how you should fight fate.

The seventh story, ‘Listen from Heart,’ connects the music of rain well with its theme of music. Nidhi’s variety in style is showcased here. I liked the logic of July should be the first month, because the rain washes everything anew then.

‘August Christmas’ reminds us how what we see triggers memories, how our perceptions are influenced by our past.

‘Living Bit Full of Life,’ has a great message too, of the beauty around us reminding us of our loved ones.

Overall, I felt the stories could be longer, to give the characters more room to develop. There is a surreal quality to the stories, but a few of them are predictable. There is a fluid interplay of the real and the dream world. A bit more conflict would add drama to these stories. If you like inspirational stories, this will be right up your street. Download it for free here. Read another short stories book review.









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