Speed sales

Fighting with plump aunties for salwar kurtas that will make me look like a Christmas tree, as early as 10 AM, left me drained. The exhilaration of getting bargains was cancelled out when I discovered that my credit card would not work- cash please! So I went to withdraw money.

Last time I got suits from here, they were useful. People keep getting married unexpectedly, so at least this way I won’t have to scramble for suitable outfits. Sale shopping is best done in twos- so that one can hold the fort while the other scouts around/tries the outfit/finds a mirror which has some face space.

Had to keep taking rounds, as discarded stock was put back on the racks. A useful filter is to dog someone whose taste you like, so that you can pick up the ones that don’t fit her/she doesn’t like on second thought.

Speed dating must be similar. Instant decisions have to be made, before the kurta in question weighs your arm down. In both cases:)

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