Susan Anthony, Feminist- Famous Women (Poem)

I fired the thunderbolts

Fellow feminist Elizabeth Stanton forged.

Men didn’t want women speaking in public

Even more than they were against suffrage.

Us women needed money to protest

We campaigned for better property rights for us

Organising an army is How a battle is won

We founded the women’s national loyal league

Then Revolution a weekly newspaper

Men their rights and nothing more

Women their rights and nothing less

Famous Women

Being single

I was free to fight

Traveled across the country to lecture

Recruit more women to our cause

“Organise, educate, agitate must be our war cry”

We won the right to vote in Wyoming first

I voted in the 1872 presidential elections

That was deemed illegal

The judge directed the jury to say I’m guilty

Fined me $100 which I refused to pay

“Independence is happiness

Failure is impossible”

With women like us fighting

Victory was only a matter of time

Women today take for granted

The freedoms we fought so hard to win.

Here’s the previous poem in my Famous Women series.

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