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rebt demand

4 types of evaluative beliefs

Last week, we saw the 12 beliefs Ellis believed slowed us down. What was common in them? Words like ‘should,’ ‘need,’ ‘must’ made them sound like demands. We can group these beliefs in 4...


What are the irrational beliefs we hold?

Many of us hold irrational beliefs sometimes. If someone shouts at us, we might feel low or react aggressively. Last week, we saw how we process happenings in our head with the ABC model....


Heartprints make us who we are

Who’s left prints on your heart? Places, people, experiences. Still, no point looking back. Our past defines who we are but we can always change. The heart is a resilient organ. If our mind...


Monsters R Us

Monsters. Who makes them? Who are Frankensteins? Often, we give monsters their power. We create them and when they get out of our control, we run screaming for help. Instead, we should roll them...


Courage or comfort?

You can choose courage or you can choose comfort. You can’t have both- Rene Brown. So true. How about if we alternate between the two? Often when we take a leap and it doesn’t...


Channeling anger

Putting the treadmill plug in Pulls the plug on my anger Potential energy to kinetic Blurs my feeling.

One angry woman

The anger inside me Fights to get out I’m its bottle But sometimes my cork mouth Flies off in air And it shapes words vile That fly to their marks Settle on their chosen...