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Mirch was watchable. A hazard of short stories is that they are episodic, specially when they are one after the other. Identification with a character for a sustained period of time becomes difficult. The...

Up in the air

Up in the air

I quite liked the movie, with it’s wit, dark humour and action. Realistic, relatable and different.


Sherlock Holmes- Movie Review: Period Piece

I liked Sherlock Holmes, although it was more a Guy Ritchie version of Holmes than a Doyle version. Was surprised to see how much I’ve forgotten about the stories. Ritchie’s got London of that...

Inglorius Basterds

Inglourious Basterds

I really liked the film. The subtle menace of the lead villain, the build up by the New York Times Review, the unique experience of watching a film by a living legend on the...

He's Just Not That Into You

He’s just not that into you- Movie Review

Saw He’s just not that into you. Too chick flicky. Based on a book so had a lot of talk and thought and less of action, which was a minus point from a cinematic...

Luck by Chance

Luck By Chance & Dev.D- Movie Reviews

I liked Luck by Chance- Rishi Kapoor did a great job. Farhan Akhtar too. Bollywood’s kitty party- must’ve made the ones ( if they were any) who were not there feel like pariahs. Dev.D...

Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire- Movie Review

Slumdog Millionaire has been in the press so much, one simply had to watch it. It began in media res, with cliffhangers following on cliffhangers. The twist of a personal connect to the questions...

Marriage Rules

Sex & the City- review

Noone should get married before they are 40. Thus spoke a playboy I met on a plane, thus confirmed Sex and the City. Witty, touching, with gorgeous men, this is a must watch.


Osian Cinefan

I liked Raami. It was an impressionistic, lyrical sketch that was short (75 minutes) and bittersweet. Rekados, with three generations of women, who impact each other and their Weltanschauungs through food also touched a...