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Jesus Christ Superstar 0

Jesus Christ Superstar

Caught this Alyque Padamsee production of Jesus Christ Superstar in Bombay this year. Had head of it since I was a child, listened to songs from it being sung live in the middle of...

The Phantom of the Opera (Review) 0

The Phantom of the Opera (Review)

Just like watching a match in a stadium trumps the telly everytime, witnessing a musical beats watching it on the screen. This 5 D experience is still miles ahead of any 3 D or...

Sivamani 0


Went for a performance by Sivamani. He made it interactive by playing on a suitcase and a water camper. Pulsating beats, which resonated with heartbeats.

Melange 2010 0

Melange 2010

I quite enjoyed Melange 2010, which saw six musicians- Nishat Khan on sitar, Trilok Gurtu on percussion, Larry Coryell on guitar, Lily Haydon on violin, Frank Martin on keyboard, Itai Disreali on bass guitar.Nishat...

Sax on toast 0

Sax on toast

Attended a very refreshing concert- piano & saxophone by two Canandian women on Canada Day at the IIC yesterday. Pink Panther as an encore was delightful:)



Had a good time at The Medicine Show, The Living Room. I specially liked the three women singers and their funny lyrics-“While I’m waitingfor the man I’m datingand he’s stuck in a traffic jam&...

Zila Khan 0

Zila Khan

The Zila Khan performance was good. I like Sufi songs. Her voice is very flexible. Sounds of Isha was also very good. They had some unusual instruments.