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The Tree in the Lake #ThursdayTreeLove

The Rabindra Sarobar Lake in Calcutta is one of my favorite places for tree spotting. I scored some good shots this time on my visit home. This one is currently my phone wallpaper and...


The pastoral and the selfie

While talking a walk in the Agri-Horticultural Gardens today, I stopped to look at the fountains. I drank them in Sated, I began to get bored. The pastoral (refers to the countryside, specially an...


Silver Lining

The stars elbowed out the night from the sky. I knew Venus, Sirius, and Orion’s Belt. Then I started making up my own. Silver spangles in the sky’s night dress. They rained down on...



Is it hookah smoke? Or are the hills on coke? Tucked in a white blanket they will slumber sweetly Till they are woken up tomorrow morning.


Sunset in the Hills

Blue light of twilight rose to the top like yeast While the golden red sunset we know Settled like rust in boiled water at the bottom. Streaks of gold electrified the sky Intense fireworks...


Sunrise at Gurdum

The sun made its presence felt Yellowing the sky while being out of sight Then blues, as if it didn’t want to get up But had to, for duty’s sake, to awaken us. Still...


Hill Bill

Music in the hills Wine at night spills From the sunset deep purple Pink Floyd, Hey Jude circle Pleasuring our senses Forgetting our tenses We sing along charged by them Ads remixed, resort repasts...



We drank in the hills Savoured the green Sipped yellow sunshine Until our souls belched Aahs of contentment. Frozen waves of mountains Stood silent. Dark clouds circled The cotton light. We sleep when the...

Up in the air

Fancy flights

There is something about the womb of an airplane, the tribal attendants, the atmosphere which lets us enjoy soaring, staring as sun yolks trickle through blues.