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National School of Drama

Right turn- Play Review

Ranjit Kapoor’s Wring Turn at NSD was excellent. Perhaps an adaption of an English play, it was contemporary in lingo. The acting was natural. The stage was well used, the poster design was professional...


Media in Medea (Play Review)

Also watched Medea in Italian at the same venue yesterday. There was a three floor tall construction on stage, from where some of the actors declaimed their lines. Cloth fluttered from the sides to...

Habib Tanvir

Kaam Dev Ka Sapna…(Play Review)

Watched Habib Tanvir’s Kamdev Ka Apna, Basant Ritu Ka Sapna at the NSD Theatre Festival on Saturday. From the title to the script, Tanvir has done a marvellous job of adapting Shakespeare’s A Midsumer...


The Painted World- Play: Look, Ma- No Words!

The Painted World, a Czech play at the Bharat Rang Mahotsav of NSD, was magical. The actors used puppets, painted in white luminous paint ( I guess) to create a feeling of suspended animation...


Chaal the Play- Yaagh

Saw an awful play by Feisal Alkazi called Chaal. Based on Talented Mr. Ripley, it had simultaneous events on stage, flubbed lines and incomprehensible time jumps. Very unlike his usual work.

Habib Tanvir

After Dark- Play Review

Watched Feisal Alkazi’s After Dark. Original humour is tough to do, but he does a good job. I’m not a fan of different stories running simultaneously. When they connected though, I felt a little...

Habib Tanvir

Habib Tanvir Plays- Review: Pleasant

Watched Habib Tanvir’s Agra Bazar and Ponga Pandit. Enjoyed the sitcom, slapstick, song and dance; specially as the former was in open air.


Ebrahim Alkazi: Life & Times

Ebrahim Alkazi, the Father of Theatre in India, received a Lifetime Achievement award from the Delhi Government. He took us through his life’s work- using photographs on a projector.   A perfectionist, the scale...


Penultimate weekend @ Theatre Utsav 2008

Past is Stimulation was wistful, with a gauzy green backdrop, similar to the outfits the women wore. A scene involving partial nudity evoked gasps of shock from the audience.   I liked Nati Binodini....


Antigone by Motley

Naseeruddin Shah as King Creon and Ratna Pathak Shah as Antigone, Benjamin Gilani and others drew in audiences as they performed Jean Anouilih’s version of the classic. Clever in parts, static in others, the...