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Babies Garden

Twins in the Garden

Wet earth Smelled Wet earth Today. I enjoy taking the twins out in their pram. As my mom remarked on seeing our photo, I had the biggest smile. I feel like a tour guide...


OctPoWriMo Day 10: Dancing on Water

Dancing on air Walking on water Feeling through fire Flying on earth Tunneling through space Being cake Being loved and loving Being My response to yesterday’s prompt here.


OctPoWriMo- Day 9- Love

There are some loves society loves And others it loves to hate Marital, motherly Versus Lesbian, other worldly Love feels different from what we think Sneaks up on us Wraps us in a warm...

Mythology poem

Croesus vs. the Oracle of Delphi

Oracle of Delphi! I am Croesus As you well know King of Lydia, The richest man in the world.   You could pave the world With gold from my hold I wouldn’t miss it....


Wizardly Images in the Mundaka Upanishad

Mundaka means shaved head, so perhaps this Upanishad is named so because it is knowledge that shaves us of ignorance. It has three mundaks/shavings (parts). The first mundaka’s first khand (section) says Brahman grows...