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The pastoral and the selfie

While talking a walk in the Agri-Horticultural Gardens today, I stopped to look at the fountains. I drank them in Sated, I began to get bored. The pastoral (refers to the countryside, specially an...

Tower Bridge


Fell in love with you before I met you Through writings of authors, your hue I knew before I traveled your roads Whether by car, bus, foot, or under your belly “Are you alright?”...

Cirque de Soleil

Cirque De Soleil

The Royal Albert Hall was awe inspiring. The stage for Circque was chameleon like, as the floor sometimes looked like the ocean, sometimes lava, and at other times sand, thanks to the light effects....

Adventure Island

Adventure Island

  Loved the Flip Out ride at Adventure Island- being turned upside down really gets your adrenalin flowing:) Also liked Side winder, bumping bars, jhoola, splash down.


Goan Sunset

Sun streaked sand Liquid gold drops of sun Drip down the throat rills of sands Sun butter spreads on Octaves of waves.