Just about Everything- The Bhagavad Gita Chapter 10

Krishna talks about how even supposedly wise people like sages and deities don’t know that he is the reason why they exist.

He lists states of being like intelligence, endurance, sadness, equanimity, truth, austerity, peace, fame, fear, fearlessness and fame, saying when all beings experience these it is his many ways of being that they are experiencing.

The saptarishis, the four manus, from whom all beings come, themselves came out of Krishna’s mind.

MoonThe intelligent worship Krishna, discussing him among themselves. He gives them the intelligence they use to come to him. Krishna removes the darkness of ignorance from them with the lamp of knowledge.

Arjun says neither the deities nor the asuras know Krishna’s manifestation. Krishna himself is proof of his existence. He urges Krishna to speak more about his manifestations.

Krishna lists just the main ones. Krishna is the best in all beings, the beginning, the middle and the end. He is the moon among the night constellations, the mind among senses, Om among sounds, king among people, thunderbolt among weapons, Ganga among rivers, self-knowledge among knowledges, spring among seasons, Arjun among Pandavas and so on.

What unites all these? Whatever that’s powerful, glorious and full of life is a part of Krishna’s glory.


You stand smiling before me, K


I must believe you are also the






Older than me

Yet younger.


I long to be part of you

You say you are in me


I must transform this knowledge

In meditation

To unite me with you.

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