The Death of Blogging, the Birth of Twitter

Read an article today in the New York Times on how blogs are dying. The younger generation prefers Twitter. Although Twitter’s great for sharing links and thoughts, it’s not as satisfying as a good long blog post I can get my teeth into.
Twitter’s a Hi! and a blog’s a how are you? the one that friends can take half an hour to answer. If Twitter’s 20-20, a blog’s a Test match.
A blog tells you more about a person, the way she thinks, speaks, and writes. In a tweet, I’m always conscious of the fact that I have only 140 characters. Reminds me of the STD calls earlier.
A blog can be thought similar to a magazine, while a tweet is akin to a newspaper. Although Twitter may be more social, a larger ego boost, what will you tweet about? That’s where a blog can come in.
Although I still believe brevity is the soul of wit, short blog posts seem like a good compromise between a tweet and a post which is closer to article length.

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