The Loneliness of the Long Distance Commuter

My heart sinks when I think of you
The hour that’s between us two.
Home and work, will the twain meet?
Mine but to trudge there, rain or sleet.Open Ola while wolfing breakfast
If he comes on time, pack the rest.
Explain everyday where I’m to be found
Still sometimes the dolt goes round and round.

Jammed in a shared cab with fellow sufferers
We wall ourselves with cell phone bricks
Now I know all the tricks
To cutting time

“Please put the radio on,” I sing
Then I hear another’s phone ring.
Sometimes I run my chore calls
Knowing others helplessly eavesdrop. Balls.

As the dust dives in through windows open
I wait for the others to mouths open
The air con can be a joke
Stifling. The choice? Choke.

Traffic at the University turn
Is when I check Twitter on the run
Inch by painful inch we advance
Patience is a virtue, I chant.

I shift my aching knees in vain
To find a spot of relief in chains
As the others get off at their stops
I slide across seats free now, the sun to crop.

Those detours for others do delay
It saves money, mind to heart relays
The green on the way soothes for a sec
To dissolve when the car brakes. Heck!

Walking in to work, I’m already pooped
Rush to the loo, to recoup.
With such a start to the day
Any wonder, I wanna run away?

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