The need for IIPM

It’s a reality that not all of us are bright enough to get in a top B-school. Maybe we don’t want to drop years to get in an IIM. Or perhaps we are socially intelligent, and only of average academic intelligence.

But we want to do an MBA. And we can afford it. IIPM was constantly mentioned by our Advertising management professor, as an example of advertising that got results. By the time the students exited the course, it was too late to ask for a refund. Maybe they know what they were getting into. Those larger than life ads, the silly “Dare to think beyond the IIMs slogan”, the guru.

Ultimately it’s what you make of your degree. The degree doesn’t make you. When Arindam Chaudhuri is brought to book, measures should be taken so that those wanting to buy in the dream he sold have an alternative.Otherwise, the cycle will be repeated with a sequel.

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