The pastoral and the selfie

While talking a walk in the Agri-Horticultural Gardens today, I stopped to look at the fountains. I drank them in Sated, I began to get bored. The pastoral (refers to the countryside, specially an idealized view) is good in spells, but to truly enjoy it you need to get back to the real world. Only then when you return to the pastoral, will you truly enjoy it. That’s why people get bored in retirement.

How the brain milks more with time in the pastoral

I think the brain needs stimulation, so if you stay at a natural spot long enough, you will find yourself observing more details. I then noticed how the fountain spurted out of the water and how drops were left when it’s power was cut.

I saw tree roots half submerged in the water, and the froth by the waterside. I wondered which tree was this, which had roots in water, contrary to what we were taught in school. Nature too is adaptable. There was a positive ecosystem- a plant was growing at the foot of the tree, and another in the middle.


Engaging with nature

I of course took photos. Am not too good at taking selfies so I didn’t take those. Finally, I wrote a poem to pass the time.

Piston power

Pistol in a rush

Squirting in air

The end is as sudden

Drops remain.

Perhaps those who can’t write, take photos to engage with their surroundings.

After all, the fountain was just there. I couldn’t talk to it, it wouldn’t reply. I couldn’t touch it, it was too far away.

Why we take selfies

Those who can, write and those who can’t, click. With a selfie, you’re truly part of the surrounding. It’s proof that you went to a place, so it has Facebook flaunt value. You look better in an attractive surrounding. Clicking yourself in a new locale is an excuse to indulge in narcissism.

Wonder whether we’ll end up like Narcissus. He too was fascinated by himself in the pastoral- the original natural selfie taker.

Romance and the pastoral

My favourite feminist, Germaine Greer, famously said, “Romance is the bourgeois version of the pastoral.” The media and we ourselves build up romance as the ideal, but how long can you koochie koo before you choke on mush and want to roll up your sleeves and get back to work? Long enough to take a welfie, probably.

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