The Phantom of the Opera (Review)

Just like watching a match in a stadium trumps the telly everytime, witnessing a musical beats watching it on the screen. This 5 D experience is still miles ahead of any 3 D or 4 D experience. The special effects would not have been possible on screen. The music entered our souls, with its haunting beauty.

The singing was spell binding. The stage was grand. Even though we were watching it from the Grand Circle, we could see everything. The characters expressions were not as important as their voices, outfits, and the use of the stage.

It reminded me of Greek theatre- the amphitheatres with masks, or the Parthenon with large sculptures so that worshippers could see detail from a distance too. Am an Andrew Lloyd Webber fan now.

Operas seem less accessible, like Indian classical music. You can only admire the power of the singer, but not identify with it. This one involved us because of the masala mix of love, horror, and visual grandeur.

Mirrors which characters stepped through, trapdoors which made them disapper, smoke, guns, boats and paths on the stage which wound long- we saw them all. The intricate chandelier, stage within a stage, and the painted on scenery were perfection.

The story in this case seems secondary. Although I will read the book. Am a musical junkie now.

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