Top MOOCs in Writing and More

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are a great way to learn. I’ve taken courses in writing, psychology, nutrition, philosophy and  what not.


Top MOOCsI enjoy University of Iowa’s writing courses the most. I’ve done How Writers Write Fiction, the archived version of their poetry course, a course focused on women’s writing and another on writing from the margins.

The format is read a couple of texts, participate in discussions led by teachers’ assistants, watch a couple of videos by eminent writers and do an assignment. Peers review it, and you should comment on fellow writers’ work.

I also enjoyed a poetry course by CalTech in Coursera which was a few days long, more of a workshop. I was a mentor once the course finished, for those joining later to do the course.

ModPo is also an intensive MOOC by University of Pennsylvania, where you read, discuss and write about Modern American poetry. From Walt Whitman to Emily Dickinson and more modern poets, you’ll discover new meaning in their work.

These courses are free, but you can pay for a certificate that you can add to your LinkedIn profile.


I did a course by the University of Edinburgh which was a bit dry. I’m now doing another by them, which is more lively. Socrates, Sartre and other thinkers are covered in their course, Know Thyself.


I enjoyed the Science of Happiness MOOC by the Greater Good Center, which had practical tips on increasing your daily happiness.


I took a Nutrition course by Future Learn which taught me more about our digestive system, calories and so on. You automatically treat your body with more respect then.

Knowledge is power and fun too. You get to meet interesting people, who give useful feedback on how to improve your writing and thinking. For a couple of hours a week, exercise your brain and rejuvenate yourself.

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