On the Tree of Life- The Bhagvad Gita, Chapter 15

Krishna talks about the tree of life, which curiously has roots on top and branches below. The leaves are vedic hymns.

Gunas/Qualities feed this tree. Objects of desire sprout here. This tree is strong-only the axe of detachment can cut it. Seek refuge in the ancient spirit which is the origin of creativity.

Disregard what you lust, free yourself from the pairs of pain and pleasure. That’s how you can reach brahman, which is not lit by the sun or the moon or fire. And not come back.

Tree of LifeBrahman’s where beings are created. They are a part of ancient brahman entering the living world. During this process they draw the six senses- smell, taste, vision, touch, hearing, mind from matternature to themselves.

God embodies herself in our bodies. Just like the wind carries the fragrance of whatever it touches, so do our spirits carry their characteristics. They preside over our senses and relish objects of desire.

Only knowledgeable people can see the spirit and whether it’s sattvic, rajasic or tamasic. Yogis can see their spirits.

Just as brahman warms the world with the sun, it enters our bodies as digestive fire. Our breath is its fuel.

All beings perish. The unchanging is imperishable-brahman. Those who know this and worship brahman are enlightened.


The tree of life’s upside down

It draws strength from my guna


I must cut off its water

Close my mind’s eye

To temptation


Hack again again

Until this tree falls

In the sky.

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