When Push came to shovel

Sometimes, it’s easy to leap. When inspiration strikes. Sitting on my seat M15, I had no idea that that night someone would take the plunge. When the actors’ director called upon the audience to decide the course of the play, various suggestions came up on how to resolve the snafu.
One soul refused to let the rest of us in on his big idea. He jumped onstage and let in his co conspirators on his view.
Soon we saw his mind at work. He had the actors up a creek w/out their hemming n hawing paddles. Gradually, they bailed themselves out of the bind he had put them in.
We liked that ending best. I think, so must the cast. For i guess, actors too like being subjected to a show.
He should have been part of the curtain call.
Ah well. As he is an actor, I guess there is always another time and place for him to disappear to.

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