Writing Book Review: Finding Your Writing Flow by Sona Grover

Finding your Writing Flow by Sona Grover starts off with a bang with a lovely quote. The first chapter doesn’t say anything new, although it makes a good point- we should be aware of why we write. Read on for the full writing book review.

I too envy those Gods who sit down at desks and words pour out! Sona has good style- she asks, “will ugly duckling first drafts ever turn in swans?”

Writing Book ReviewThe How to tell you’re a writer is fun too, with good ways to identify if you have the writing bug, like daydreaming a lot.

I found the next section generic although it is one question I ask every writer I meet- how do you get inspiration to write? One good tip- “tap another medium for inspiration when you’re writing about a particular theme.”

This tip is also sensible- “think of the end publication, keep their taste in mind and then write for best results.”

The author describes writing well- “I often feel that writing is something that takes me on a journey. I begin walking along the path, looking at the flowers, loving the scenery, the deep blue hills in the distance and the narrow winding path that goes up and down, taking me to places of its own accord.”

The personal anecdote of how she made time to write is also inspiring. The touch about the Muse looking over your shoulder while you write is also good. There is too much I in the Musings on the Muse chapter- putting it in second person would make it easier for the reader to identify with it.

I would have liked more details on how Directed Questions in Neuro Linguistic Programming can help us write better. Some parts are repetitive, cutting them would have made the book tighter.

If you’re a beginner author looking for tips from another author, this short (60 odd pages) diary style book may suit you. Download this book for free here. Here’s another book review.






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